Our Approach

Our vision

We recognized that the growth of the internet and the content Worldwide created a kind of confusion amounts consumers on how or were to find a product on the internet , we come out with the idea to offer different kind of product that you don't find in regular stores or market just to find them here  in only one place. From weight loss diet to healthy cooking recipes , always focused on how to improve customers lives by coaching , inspiring or instructing.

Our Story

Our Story

SHOPME-NOW.COM sells lifestyle changing products that are created with passion and vision on people needs . Our products give  inspiration and instruction on topics ranging from weight loss diet to healthy cooking recipes.

Our journey started back in 1995 when I arrived from the remote island of Cuba without knowing the English language I attended different schools and had a lot of different kind of jobs, until I realize the amazing opportunities of the internet, I got the idea of trying different ways of making money from selling thru EBAY today after learning and studying about the Marketing  business I was able to create my own website where I can offer products that changes lives of people in a positive way.

we committed to featuring products that satisfy our costumers.

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